Being a Lions Club means we are quite unique in who we can offer support or help to – which is anyone. We help individuals, families, organisations, clubs, societies and other charities.

For data protection reasons, we cannot list all of the individual donations and amounts made but to give a sample of just some the causes or type of help we are able to offer, some examples are listed below:

Since January 2020, Paddock Wood & District Lions Club has:

  • Pledged over £7,000 to support the fuel poverty work of the Paddock Wood Community Advice Centre.
  • Donated over £1,500 to support the Paddock Wood Community Storehouse food bank and the Marden Food Bank.
  • Donated more than £2,500 in the form of £50 vouchers to deserving families to help with the cost of school uniforms, notably when pupils are transferring to secondary school.
  • Donated more than £800 to support deserving children with the cost of participating in character-forming school trips.
  • Supported a family to benefit from Dandelion Time family therapy and emotional support.
  • Donated over £4,000 worth of carpets, furniture, white goods and household items to deserving families and individuals.
  • Donated over £1,300 to enable deserving children to benefit from attending pre-school for more time.
  • Donated £1,000 to Dementia groups and to enable the elderly to go on trips and outings.